Spider-Man: Homecoming. 

Spoiler-Filled Film Review


Two Sundays ago, I went to the movies with a couple of my closest mates to watch Spider Man after church. This is the first Tom Holland lead Spider Man film, after his cool showing on Civil War, we finally get to see if Tom Holland is not only the perfect Peter Parker, but also the perfect Spider-Man


Greatest Strengths:

There were a lot of strengths, the one I want to mention before expanding more on the Characters section, is the performance of Tom Holland as Spider Man and the usage of Michael Keatons Vulture, Nuff’ said. What we’ve come to expect from an MCU film is the humour and the great sequences, and though this film didn’t have

It was refreshing to have a MCU film with a different context, that being in high school. It’s great that what separates Peter from the other superheros is that he’s still a teenager. And the greatest highlight is them showing how a teenager handles the tensions, struggles and pressures of a real superhero. He’s a high school kid and the film has a coming of age feel to it, not just for Peter but for Spider-Man as well, which was great!


Biggest Weaknesses:

There weren’t that much weaknesses for me, and if I were to mention some it’ll probably just be nit-picking. It felt contained and not very high stakes but I understand because it’s a contained story. I did want to know more about his past with Uncle Ben, and its stink we didn’t explore his relationship with Aunt May but I know they’ll tie that up in one of the future instalments and hopefully they’ll get someone famous to play Uncle Ben. I just had a good time that I didn’t find much weaknesses.



Tom Holland is perfect, the most authentic teenage Peter Parker and I dare to say the best Spider-Man I’ve seen on the big screen. He captures a youthfulness and a charisma that the other two lacked. Michael Keaton is possibly the best villain to come out of the MCU since Loki. He is so threatening and intimidating, and he had such great motivations. He loves his family, and after some bad luck he decides to take things into his own hands. He’s relatable and layered, and his arc is just as interesting as our main character.

The minor characters were all great, the high school students were fantastic, Ned and Flash and Michelle’s were all standouts. The Shocker(s) were alright, not memorable and the Tinkerer was alright also.

Would like to have seen more of Aunt May and Peter’s relationship.

One thing that was perfect was the usage of Tony Stark. A huge worry for me was whether he was going to be used too much here but he was in the movie perfectly. Stark was the perfect character to help Peter through this conflict considering where he’s come from as a superhero. Also great to have more Happy Hogan in a movie and Pepper Potts back.


Other Points & Developments:

  • My favourite scene was Liz’s party, because it contained two awesome moments that I want to talk about. The first is when Spider-Man is waiting on a roof to go in and surprise the teenagers to make himself (Parker) look cool, but then an explosion goes off far away and Spider-Man has the choice to go explore the explosion or stay and make himself look cool, he decides to go check out the explosion and that to me, is Spider-Man. A teenager struggling with the responsibility of a Superhero. The other cool moment was when he was webbing his way towards the explosion, he came to a gold course where there was nothing to web sling onto, so he’s forced to run, hilarious moment.
  • My favourite moment of all though, comes during the Peter Parkers struggle under the rubble that fell on him due to The Vulture. Peter’s willing himself on saying “Come on, Spider-Man” and it felt huge for him and was a great moment.
  • Michelle on Parker: “I’m not obsessed with him, I’m just observant
  • Did anyone else see that reveal that Michelle is Mary Jane?
  • Donald Glover shows up as Aaron Davis who while talking to Spider-Man mentions his nephew. For those who don’t know, in the comics Aaron Davis’ nephew is Miles Morales.
  • Kenneth Choi makes his 2nd appearance in a MCU movie, as the grandson of a character Choi played in Captain America: The First Avenger, Jim Morita.
  • Parker: “I wanted to be like you”

Stark: “I wanted you to be better”

  • Tony Stark: “If you’re nothing without that suit, then you shouldn’t have it
  • The Tinkerer wasn’t caught so he’s still out presumably upgrading super-villains costumes.


GRADE: 5 out of 6 Infinity Stones


Overall, this was just such a great time. This for me is easily the funniest and funnest Spider-Man to date, cast with the perfect choices for our main characters and nothing else can be said other than bring me more please!