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My name is Ravi Prasad and I am 22-years of age. I am many things whether that be a student, a retail assistant, or a spoken word poet. I love everything to do with comic book movies and television shows where it’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Arrow verse. I like a good story despite the size of the screen and those who take a risk when it comes to their creativity. I look forward to sharing my perspective on things that I experience and getting your feedback on the matter too.







“Greetings programs!”

Julius F. Robertson.

22 but looks 18.

Being a nerd to me is just being passionate about something.

I’m particularly passionate about God, people, education, poetry, movies, comic book stories and characters in any medium, professional wrestling and rugby.

I am looking forward to adding quotes and references in my writing for you to enjoy yourself a bit more, just like I did in this intro.

“Here’s looking at you, kid”.




“The adventures I enjoy are usually of the literacy nature.”

My favourite authors include, but are not limited to: John Green, Oscar Wilde, Jodi Picoult, Maggie Stiefvater, Rainbow Rowell, C.S Lewis, Roald Dahl, Rick Riordan, Steven Furtick and Joyce Meyers

I really enjoy reading (if you couldn’t tell), drinking tea, libraries and new books. I really enjoy what I study (public health/population health) and I love imagining people complexly and having yarns about the world around us. I love learning, adventuring, hanging out with kids and going to the beach (to read).

I’ll be doing book reviews from a wide variety of genres and discussing current world issues.